MetaSquares Review


I admit. I’m no fan of puzzle games. Frustration and ill-conceived strategy planning are the main culprits that drive me far away whenever someone offers to play a game of chess or checkers. Seeing MetaSquares on sale at BargainBin recently, I decided to pick up the game based on it’s 4 1/2 star rating, risk-free cost, and numerous good reviews. After spending a significant amount of time with the game now, I am happy to have gotten the game.

The main objective of MetaSquares is to capture the most squares on a 8 X 8 board. Placing pieces to form a square earn you points and the more sophisticated the squares and larger it is, the higher score you get. The first to reach 150 points and with a 15-point lead wins the game. Switching from playing against the computer to a friend is a simple tap of a button. With the computer, the level of difficulty begins to climb as you advance through each successive level.

There are some areas that the developers should look into that can make the game an even more enjoyable experience. First, there should be an option to choose a level of difficulty to start the game. The computer can really get tough in a short while and repeated play through is more common towards the later levels of the game. That is assuming you are not a veteran of the game. Next, implementing online play would propel this game to one of the top five puzzle games in the App Store, in my opinion. Wouldn’t it be cool to challenge people from Japan or Switzerland? No, you say? Then screw you! My last area of concern regards the lack of an option to allow one’s own music to play rather than the in-game music. This feature is becoming more frequent in games that I have played, so it’s just a simple matter of realization.

MetaSquares is a fun, challenging turn based puzzle game. The objective is so simple to grasp and the urge to press “Next Level” is tremendously tough to resist.

Report Card

User interface/Graphics8/10 It’s a puzzle game. What more can you expect?

Sound6/10 Nothing fancy; just the “click” sound you hear when placing your piece.

Worth the Price?Hell, yes! At a buck, Metasquares offers extended hours of enjoyable gameplay that will more than cover the cost of the game.

Level of DifficultyProgressively gets tough I’m no genius at puzzle games, but it was definitely frustrating to be unable to defeat the computer when I reached level 8. Maybe I’m just dumb. Sigh.

Long-Term ValueAverage After playing the game nonstop for a week after downloading it, I haven’t played it more than once a week since. Rather than compete against the computer all the time, challenge a friend to a match instead.

Overall – 9/10

I absolutely loved playing this game. It made me really take the time to plan out my every move and I found it extremely difficult to put down even after losing several times. In my opinion, it is one of the best puzzle games available at the App Store.

App Details:icon

Developer: MetaTools, Inc

Version Reviewed: 1.5

Price Reviewed: $0.99

Size: 1.5 mb

Get it at   MetaSquares?

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