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Top Five Cydia Applications


By jailbreaking your iPod Touch, you will love it more or at least begin to love it. Hate the fact that your iPod looks like anyone else’s albeit with different applications? Done. Are you an organization freak and feel that Apple has impeded your ability to express that? Done. Do you get the point yet? Jailbreak your iPod Touch already!

  1. winterboardWinterboard– This application allows you to change the overall appearance of your iPod Touch. After downloading your favorite themes and wallpapers from Cydia, your iPod can finally have its own a) custom lock screen b) wallpaper on the springboard c) theme-based home screens. Intrigued? Well, you should be.
  2. Five Column Springboard/ Five Icon Dock– How often do you complain that your iPod is too restrictive in the number of applications viewable per screen? With these two applications, you can switch to a five column springboard and add an extra application in your dock! Sweet!five
  3. SBSettings– This application is your iPod’s Setting app on steroids. It allows you to hide those pesky and unwanted applications that came pre-installed on your device. Also, it understands every person’s common concern of springboard room. So what did the developers do? They made the application accessible with a simple swipe of a finger across the top of your screen! Don’t like the look of the application? Easy! You have the option to select one of three additional themes to your liking.sbsettings
  4. Categories-1Categories– Categories is exactly what it sounds like. It lets you create individual folders where you place related applications together in one location. You’ll be astounded by the amount of extra space you find afterwards.
  5. mxtube-iconMxTube– Youtube, but better. This application allows you to download videos from Youtube onto your iPod for offline viewing. Take that wi-fi!

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