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That’s What She Said- The iPod Touch App

Press me

Press me

One of the most useless and funnest apps I’ve ever encountered is TWSS aka “That’s what she said.” For those unfamiliar with the dirty phrase, here is a formal definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

1. Used to add sexual innuendo to a conversation.
2. When a male wants to share with his friends that he was with a girl (whether her was or not), he will respond to a phrase that sets up “that’s what she said…” as funny or sexual.
3. To imply that what is being talked about was actually a sexual statement and that a girl agreed to said statement in the recent past.

As you can see, the phrase has its greatest effect and share of laughter if stated spontaneously or when least expected. Furthermore, it is definitely not appropriate to teach 5-year old Jake to real meaning behind the statement or you will suffer the consequences of glaring looks from disapproving parents and others.

Regarding the app itself, produced by developer Haven Interactive, you will find a large, red button with the letters,”TWSS,” imprinted on it. When pressed, a voice exclaims out loud, “That’s what she said.” Each time you press the button, the voice will change randomly.


But that really isn’t the important thing about this app. What should be focused on is when to use the phrase. In my opinion, it would not be a good idea to actually use this app whenever the time is right, as your friends will think you’re weird to be frantically trying to turn on your iPod to just press a button. Instead, familiarize yourself with TWSS by reading the following scenarios in which you can idiotically blurt that infamous line.

Scenario 1: Football Coach talking about his team’s awful running game

“Well, our lineman didn’t create any holes and our running backs couldn’t penetrate.”

That’s what she said!

Scenario 2: Wife asking her husband a question

Wife: “Honey, have you gotten the mail yet?”

Husband: “No, you have to go downstairs to get it.”

That’s what she said!

Scenario 3: After a visit with the doctor

Doctor: “Same time next year?”

That’s what she said!

Scenario 4: A student showing his artwork to his teacher

Teacher: (Pointing at an object in the painting) “Why is that so big?”

That’s what she said!

Scenario 5: Golfer hits a shot too high

“Down, down, down, down!!!”

That’s what she said!

Scenario 6: At Subway

Customer: “That ain’t no five-dollar foot long!”

That’s what she said!

Scenario 7: Family standing in front of a locked door to their house

Dad: “I think we’re gonna have to go in from behind.”

That’s what she said!

Scenario 8: Sick student talking to her teacher

Student: “My throat is sore.”

That’s what she said!

As you can see, “That’s what she said”, is quite a versatile phrase. So go on out, download the app at iTunes, and practice hard! (That’s what she said)

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