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How to Shop for Apps, the Right Way!

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These days, finding the right app is getting tougher. I’m not referring to the economic crisis, but the fact that there are well over 70, 000 available selections and growing each day. How can anybody possibly know if one app is better than another? What you need is some guidance and advice to follow. As a seasoned shopper at the App Store, I feel confident that I know enough of the ins and outs of what you need to look for when deciding whether or not to buy a certain app. Shopping for the right apps will never be easier!

  1. Download Lite versions of an app– Lite apps are free to purchase and offer most of the main features of its paid version. Designed specifically as a way to help you make a better decision in buying apps, it will reduce the likelihood of you spending money on apps that you later regret buying.Lite
  2. Check the App Store rating– My standard is to pay attention to those apps with a minimum of 3 stars or greater. Otherwise, it’s not worth looking into.
  3. Check the version number– Newly released apps are usually titled as version 1.0. The second number is the part that’s most important, though. If the app is 1.1 or above, this indicates that the app has been updated. However, many developers don’t follow a simple linear progression with each update. So, that may lead to version 1.0 jumping to 3.0. The version number is so important because it shows that the developer wants people to enjoy their apps so they will later go tell their friends to buy it as well. However, it could indicate something bad too. If the app itself contains many flaws and problems, then the developer may actually be frequently correcting mistakes with new versions hoping that people will keep buying.version number
  4. Download an app only after a month of its release– Waiting a month does not prevent you from getting a new app that you badly want. What it does is allow you to do is get a chance to read reviews of an app so that you can be forewarned of any hiccups that may have been overlooked. Not only that, some developers may decide to cut the price of their apps after their release.
  5. Look at screenshots and video footage– A picture is worth a thousand words. If you see something that you don’t like, follow your gut and stay away from the app.
  6. Visit iPhone/iPod Touch websites– If you visit AppAdvice, TouchMyApps or 148Apps, you can read reviews and news of the latest and hottest apps available at the App Store. Some apps that come out only days ago will likely have a review up shortly. But it’s not about speed of access. There is quality insight and opinions there and that’s what counts most.
  7. Download BargainBin and save money– The first of its kind to include push notifications, BargainBin outdistances itself from the competition to deliver you instant updates on apps that go on sale without the need to launch the app.bargain bin
  8. Ask someone with the app for their impressions– If you have a friend who has an app that you have considered buying, ask him/her for their opinions and maybe let you try it out for yourself.
  9. Enter contests– Many app review sites hold contests to giveaway codes to apps that they received from developers. If the site has a Twitter profile, follow them. I’ve seen many instances in which sites would just tweet the codes of an app and if you’re fast enough, you might just get it. I was able to bag SimplyTweet by using Twitter (No lie).
  10. Find and compare similar apps– More likely than not, a popular app will have its clones and copycats fighting for your precious dollars. For example, tower-defense games, to-do lists, and some Twitter applications usually offer the exact features as their competitors. The only difference between them are there prices.

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