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Taking a Closer Look: SBSettings


In the article, “Top Five Cydia Applications,” we introduced to you the all-amazing SBSettings. Constrained to our self-imposed stringent rules of brevity, we mentioned only the most important features. Now, you are probably dying to learn more (probably not). So, let’s put on our lab coats and pull out our magnifying glasses because it’s time to do some research!

Launch Screen

Easy access, more room

No icon, equals less clutter
SBSettings is only accessible with a simple swipe of your finger across the top bar containing the battery status and time, making it possible for you to change the screen’s brightness without the hassle of closing an open application.

Good bye, useless weather and stock app!

Good-bye, useless weather and clock app
SBSettings gives you the option to manually hide any application on your device. So while it is still not possible to completely remove any of the preinstalled applications, at least you don’t have to see it anymore.

What? You think I’m ugly? Oh, no!
Don’t like the default theme? No problem! With three alternative themes at your disposal as well as an abundance of other downloadable themes from Cydia, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Cool buttons!
Select which toggle buttons you want to be displayed and you’re one press away from controlling your device’s wifi, bluetooth, or brightness.

Kill processes to save memory and avoid crashing
Don’t let the ominous-looking skull deter you. With this handy control, you can choose to turn off currently running processes that drain your free memory.

There’s even more?!
If you go to Extras & Options, you can add among many options, a numeric battery status, numeric wifi strength, and the current date to the ipod’s top bar. Sweet!


So what are you waiting for? You should’ve decided to jailbreak your iPod Touch by now! If reading about all the amazing features SBSettings provides isn’t enough to convince you, then God help you and your pedestrian iPod.

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