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Simply Tweet Review- Simply Amazing


I have a secret to tell you. It might anger you when you read this, but oh well. I did not buy SimplyTweet. No, in fact, I won it in a giveaway from TouchReviews. Now that you have finished hollering and screaming profanities at your neighbor’s cat, allow me to proceed with this review. SimplyTweet from developer MotionObj is simply fantastic. Loaded with so many features, it is a worthy replacement to using Twitter on your computer. Boasting a simple user interface as its greatest selling point, it is very hard not to stick with this app considering the myriad capabilities it offers. Among the many features worth mentioning, the following are the ones that should get anybody excited.

SimplyTweet is the first Twitter client to include push notifications. Anytime a new mention or direct message is received, you will be notified in the form of a chime, badge, and/or alert. You can configure how you would like to be notified from your iPod’s Settings.

Writing a tweet is very easy to do, especially with landscape mode incorporated. While composing a tweet, there is a character count and a button that allows you to upload a saved photo to the tweet. In addition, another action button displays a host of actions intended to make tweeting easy on the iPod Touch such as shorten the tweet, shorten the url, and recall a saved list of hashtags. You can also save a tweet as a draft, but who really needs more time to perfect a 140-character limit message?


As mentioned earlier, SimplyTweet’s user interface packs a lot of punch. When launching the app, your friends’ newest tweets are displayed with a numbered badge on the “Friends” tab indicating the total unread tweets. The tweets are chronologically ordered with the most recent on top. If you select a tweet, you can favorite it, look at a timeline layout of a conversation, retweet a message, and reply to the user. Also, clicking on links in a tweet directs you to a robust inline browser with short loading times and fewer scenarios of impatient waiting.

One of the coolest feature SimplyTweet has to offer is its Photo search option. Found in the “More” tab, you enter in a search query and the app displays a gallery of photos based on the keywords you choose. As far as I know, few Twitter apps offer the same function as well.


Another cool feature I found is the ability to configure the layout of your tabs. Just drag-and-drop icons such as trends, user search, favorites, or public timeline to the bottom bar and you can rearrange it in such way that suits your style.


What fun would it be to only highlight all the wonderful things SimplyTweet does well? Though few in number, one concern I have is the somewhat irregular crashes that occur. Most notably, the app tends to crash when you open a Mentions or Direct Message screens without any messages. Apparently, the cure for this is to not delete any of the messages or to at least have one intact. Though not a fundamental flaw of this app, this problem is definitely an annoyance when it happens.

If there is anything that might make you hesitate to purchase this app, it is its high price. At $4.99, it is one of the more expensive Twitter apps available at the App Store. Tweetie, another great Twitter app, is priced at $2.99 and Twitterena is a buck. But with so many features packed into this single app that you wont find elsewhere, you might want to seriously consider purchasing this app.

App Details:

Developer: MotionObjsimplytweet_icon

Release date: August 5, 2009

Size: 1.1 mb

Version Reviewed: 2.1

Price at time of review: $4.99

Purchase SimplyTweet at SimplyTweet 2.0 Twitter with Push Notifications

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