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Battle of the Money-Saving Apps

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Save money!

Shelling out large amounts of money is generally not a good thing, unless of course, it is for philanthropic reasons. With the App Store acting as a money-sucking juggernaut in your life, it may be difficult to resist buying that new game or that must-have text messaging app. Luckily, there are developers who sympathize with you and want to help you save money by notifying you whenever applications go on sale. But with several such apps available, how on earth can you decide which does the job better? Let’s find out.

Introducing the contenders:

BargainBin – With its most recent update, BargainBin became the first app in the group to send you push notifications whenever an application on a watch list meets your specified price point. This feature alone removes the necessity of launching the app in order to be notified of certain price changes. In addition, you can configure the settings so that apps of a particular category, apps that are a bargain(50% or more discount), or apps that are now free will be pushed to your iPod Touch.


AppSniper – AppSniper is the only app in the group that is not free($0.99) though it still does an exceptional job at saving you money. If you see an application you are interested in, you can either “snipe” it and AppSniper will notify you if the specified price is reached. Alternatively, you can place the application on a watch list, whereby you will be informed of any future price changes or version updates. Another thing AppSniper does well is in filtering particular applications. It allows you to “ban” a specific developer’s applications from ever being displayed, sort by currency and country, and by genres. Unfortunately, AppSniper crashing frequently, especially when attempting to “snipe” or place an app on a watch list. Let’s hope that the developer will see to it that this major issue is fixed.


AppMiner – AppMiner’s user interface definitely needs improvement; the words are too small to read and the colors are too dark. Other than that, it offers the same capabilities as its competition such as a search function, Top-rated apps list, and new apps list. Also, you can place any application on a watch list or bookmark them.


Store-Extend – One of the problems with Store Extend is its lack of information is shows for listed applications. While browsing through the discounted apps, only the name, icon, and price change is displayed. This makes it very hard to judge certain applications’ worth, especially if you rarely purchase things from the App Store. Thus, the App Store rating and number of reviews needs to coincide with every application.

store extend

PandoraBox – PandoraBox made it easy for me to assess its relative value. How? Well, for one, it never launched properly since it crashed like there was no tomorrow! At first, I thought maybe I should just reinstall it from the App Store and try again. No luck. The crashing persisted. Then I figured maybe I should restart my iPod Touch and then try launching the application once more. No result. Don’t download this app anytime soon.

comparison chart


Final Verdict:


mario So who is the clear-cut winner? BargainBin of course! The reason being that it never crashed, sorted applications very well, and best of all, includes push notifications. With BargainBin, you’re one step away towards saving money at the App Store. Go download it today, if you haven’t already!



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