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Moondrop is Free for One Day Only!

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Moondrop Homescreen

For Nimblebit’s Freebie Friday promotion, Moondrop is now free for purchse. After playing the game myself, I decided to write a review. Although you can make a risk-free judgement yourself by downloading the game right now, it’s not fun deleting stuff later even if it is free. Right?

Moondrop reminds me a lot of Parachute Panic, in which you try to save as many parachuters by landing them safely on boats. Moondrop works exactly the same way, though with slightly different controls. Rather than tap on the doomed fallers, you must press and hold along the sides of the dropping space pods, so as to provide safe passage to their landing dock. If they fall too fast or miss their target, you lose a life and three lives lost, ends the game. Any area of the screen in which you press, will direct the pods to steer lear away. Pressing longer provides the pods with greater thrust and tapping quickly can help you reposition pods heading the wrong way.


As each level progresses, a greater number of space pods will attempt to land to safety. Unlike Parachute Panic, however, your only enemy is gravity and your own ineptitude.

With Twitter integration, you can brag to your followers how many colonists you helped save (Nobody really cares except you and Nimblebit, of course). The music is pretty stellar and the graphics is up to par. Overall, Moondrop is an exceptional game. The controls are very easy to pick up and takes some practice before racking up higher scores. But if I were you, I would go try out Parachute Panic. Nimblebit must really hate me now…Oh well.

Report Card

User Interface/Graphics7/10 The space pods are highly detailed, though the space background isn’t going to win rave reviews anytime soon.

Sound8/10 Simple and not repetitious. It coincides smoothly with the gameplay.

Worth the price? Sure, if today’s September 4th At the regular price of a dollar, go spend the game on Parachute Panic, my friend.

Level of difficultyProgressively gets difficult Moondrop definitely requires a bit of practice at first and doesn’t get overwhelmingly hard right away.

Long-term ValueWeak Moondrops sure got boring in a hurry. Good thing it is free today.

Overall – 6/10

The only reason I would recommend this game to anyone is because it is free for today. Otherwise, I did not enjoy playing the game very much and have already uninstalled it from my iPod Touch.

App Details:

Developer: NimbleBitmoondrop

Version Reviewed: 1.0.1

Price Reviewed: Free

Size: 2.2 mb

Get it at Moon Drop(if you dare)

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