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The Best Paid Twitter Application? Find out Here!

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best twitter apps

The App Store is filled with countless Twitter clients to choose from. Sorting through the pile of options and finding the one that best fits you is no easy task. You may like one Twitter app one day, and then decide to go with another a week later. Taking six of the most popular paid Twitter apps, I dissected, analyzed and meticulously compared each and every one so that no money would ever be wasted on the apps that fall flat on their faces. Take a look.


SimplyTweet $4.99

Pros: Push notifications single-handedly makes SimplyTweet a great Twitter client to use. Although Twitbird Pro also has thesimplytweet_icon feature, it only displays notifications from users of Twitbird Pro and Twitbird; small population to work with. The user interface is one of the easiest to read through and reminds me a lot of Tweetie’s. It has five custom theme options to choose from and a fantastic photo search as well.

Cons: SimplyTweet is a tad pricey but I say that only because I expect too much from any app that costs me five bucks. In addition, there are several bugs that can cause the app to crash occasionally and another that sometimes prevents tweets from loading at launch.

Buy or avoid? Buy with confidence. SimplyTweet is jam-packed with many sweet features and developer MotionObj has indicated that many more are to come in future updates.


Twittelator Pro $4.99

Pros: Twittelator impressed me a lot with its myriad collection of features. One of the coolest things ittwitterlator icon lets you do is “mute” noisy Tweeters. Now you can follow your friends and never have to read any of their pathetic tweets again, all while acting like you still are! Furthermore, it has everything you expect from a great Twitter app and then some. While tweeting, you can compress text, insert your current location, generate a contacts list, upload video/photo/audio, post emoticons, and insert previously used hashtags.

Cons: With so many features available, Twitterlator seems a bit unorganized and, at times, a bit cluttered. Some buttons are placed unusually and it takes some getting used to where certain options are located.

Buy or avoid? Sell your house and the clothes on your back or do anything in your power to buy this app. If you consider yourself a casual Tweeter, Tweetie may be more fitting option instead though.


Tweetie $2.99

Pros: Another very impressive Twitter client available at the App Store, Tweetie is one of the fastest Twitter apps in thetweetie icon group and boasts a finely polished user interface. You can follow links to a robust inline browser, save tweets to Instapaper for offline viewing, and retweet and reply to your fellow Tweeps.

Cons: In my personal experience, I have not noticed any significant flaw in Tweetie. The latest reviews at the App Store is relatively negative, with people complaining that bugs/errors are commonplace making the app difficult to use.

Buy or avoid? Buy without a doubt. Casual Tweeters will enjoy using Tweetie for its speedy, and beautiful interface. Nothing is lacking and you wont feel lost using the app.

twitbird pro

TwitBird Pro $2.99

Pros: Twitbird Pro sports the most unique design in the group, challenging the common, unwritten conventions oftwitbird icon Twitter apps. Rather than display the standard home, mentions, and messages buttons on the bottom, TwitBird Pro puts every button onto a central dashboard where you go back to navigate to other areas of the app. A cool option available is to filter through all or unread tweets. In addition, you can delete all Tweets, though you cannot select which ones to get rid of.

Cons: Push notifications are specifically reserved for users of TwitBird Pro and TwitBird. I don’t understand the developer’s decision to do that…

Buy or avoid? For the same cost, go with Tweetie instead. But if you like to try something new and don’t mind spending the extra dough, go ahead and buy TwitBird Pro to see for yourself.


TwitterFon Pro $4.99

Pros: A full-featured Twitter app with functions such as favorites, trends, search, and public replies and retweets. Ittwitterfon pro icon gets the job done with little hassle.

Cons: For $4.99, TwitterFon Pro is not worth the high price. If it included push notifications and custom theme options found in the other two $5 Twitter clients, then the price would be justifiable.

Buy or avoid? Avoid…for now. Pray to the heavens and the developers that future updates arrive soon and possibly a price reduction as well.

twitterrific premium

Twitterrific Premium $3.99

Pros: Everything to expect from a Twitter client- robust search function, viewable user profiles, follow/unfollow,twitterrific premium icon favoriting, and an option to change the text fonts with a press of a button. As usual, it can support multiple accounts, in-tweet photo display and upload pictures to tweets.

Cons: Despite popular opinion, I am not a fan of Twitterrific’s user interface. I find it to be out-of-sync and messy and the font size options are not to my liking. I don’t like how mentions, messages, favorites, etc. are hidden away. The tweet button is positioned inappropriately as are many other buttons in this app.

Buy or avoid? Did I mention that there is a free version of Twitterrific? The app is a total mess and it left me confused as to how I should navigate to various areas. I wont be using Twitterrific anytime soon.



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