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Tips on How to Make $$$Money$$$ Blogging From a Blogger Who Hasn’t Made a Dime

October 30, 2009 13 comments

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In a perfect world, people would willingly pay me five dollars every time they visited LonePlacebo. Since philanthropy can often be contagious, that same visitor would willingly fork over an additional two dollars for every page view and an additional buck for viewing an embedded Youtube video.

If you want to make money running a website or blog, convention says that one of the most reliable methods is to display advertisements on your web pages. One useful tool for accomplishing this task is Google’s popular Google AdSense. Unfortunately as a user, I am locked out of the luxuries and riches that come with Google AdSense.

The fine people at WordPress smartly concluded that such basic people like me could not be trusted with the opportunity to make money and created a barrier in the form of Worst of all, they restricted the use of javascript (I have no idea what javascript is exactly beyond the fact that it’s anything that moves fanatically on a web page, but it makes me feel smart when I use that word. You should try it too sometimes!)

Thus, if you possess a self-hosted WordPress blog, then I am not your friend. On the other hand, those of you who must painfully suffer like me as they try to spell out their ridiculously long “” url to your hilarious friends, then the green times ($$$) are imminent. Continue reading if you want to be rich. Don’t press read more if you are too rich already.

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