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The Partial Guide to Building a Computer

August 24, 2009 2 comments
Image courtesy of Maximum PC

Image courtesy of Maximum PC

After being consistently frustrated by the lack of finding your ideal computer at a local Best Buy, Electronic Fry’s, or Circuit City (RIP), you have finally come to the simple and common conclusion of many computer enthusiasts: It’s time to build myself a computer. Basking in the glory of your newly discovered calling in life, the limelight suddenly dissipates with the daunting realization that you have no idea how to build a computer. Slamming the door and kicking your neighbor’s cat in anger, you drive your 1998 Mustang around the neighborhood trying to blow off steam, without resorting to any Grand Theft Auto style hit-and runs. But fear no more, young Jedi. I was also in your footsteps only a mere four months ago. Accomplishing this task is no simple chore at all. It requires dedication, passion, and of course, listening to the printed words that your eyes will soon fall upon as they pore through this awesome guide. If you are not up for the task or have too much money to spend or your time is just too damn precious, please stop reading and never come back.
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